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Avoid Making Promises

Avoiding Making Any Promises

Good DUI attorneys will avoid making any promises during their opening statement:

The best DUI defense lawyers will certainly avoid “promising” something they know they cannot deliver. To win the case, a DUI attorney will be perceived as being credible by that jury. If a drunk driving attorney does make a promise during their opening statement, then fails to come through on that promise, their credibility will be weakened, if not totally destroyed. If jurors believe the DUI lawyer intentionally tried to deceive them, they will ensure the jury will return a definite guilty verdict.

These promises often arise because the defense counsel will assume certain facts will developed during the cross-examination. Many times however, a certain fact that the attorney thinks is going to come out on cross never occurs. Experienced drunk driving attorneys never will assume something will happen during the trial. The lawyer never bases a promise on assumptions.

It’s important for the lawyer to explain to jurors these facts upon which they will rely on so jurors can focus on facts as they develop. It is important for a drunk driving lawyer to be conservative in their approach or they head down a dangerous path.

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