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Case Evaluation – Officer’s Observations

Police Officer’s Observations

Your local DUI lawyer will have to scrutinize all the physical observations that are made by that arresting officer. The majority of police departments use the Alcohol Influence Report (AIR) forms to allow the police officer to make some notes about your appearance during arrest, your behavior, and the potentially incriminating statements that you are making.

Your driving while under the influence attorney will check for inconsistencies in all the physical observations made by the arresting police officer in regards to the symptoms of your level of intoxication. If your blood alcohol content results appear to be high, and that physical observation is reported on the AIR form as relatively normal, this inconsistency will be used to try to discredit the chemical testing result.

If you are stopped and arrested and videotaped, the videotape might appear in your favor, so then any negative observations made on that AIR form will be called in to question..

Your attorney will then check to see if videotaping was available and if so, whether it was or was not used. A drunk driving charge could be dismissed if the police officer had the ability to tape you but failed to do so.

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