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Hearing All The Facts
Today with so many trials going on all around us having a jury that listen to all the facts is harder then it use to be.So with that said we are going to see what can happen when a senior is assaulted by a nursing home staff and the jury needs to decide whether it was self defense or just a plain beat down with no reason.

Keeping It Clean With Material
We all know that old people have trouble with nursing homes due to staff just not caring for the people they are there to care for.When this trouble happens we have trials that see if the staff was in the fault or was in the every now an then the right with legal self defense.When you look at the senior in the jury you would think they are looking for facts but sometimes they don’t care they will convict without question mainly due to fear.The reason behind this is because that jury member see that they will be next if fate allows the opportunity.The last reason can be because they feel sorry for the family and just want them to get their money back.

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