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One-Leg Stand Administration

This test involves requiring the suspect to maintain balance while standing on one leg. The suspect’s other leg will be extended in a stiff-leg manner. In this position, the foot will be held six inches above the ground. The foot will also be parallel to the ground. The suspect will then stare at her or his elevated foot and count until told to stop. The count should follow this fashion: “One thousand and one” then “One thousand and two” and so forth.

How Does The Officer Administer The One-Leg Stand Test?

The officer will administer the test in this fashion:

-Tell the suspect to stand with arms at the sides and feet together.
-Have the suspect maintain this position while giving her or him instructions.
-Ask the suspect if they understand the instructions.
-Inform the suspect that once you say “begin,” they are required to lift their leg up in a stiff-leg fashion while holding the foot six inches away from the ground.
-Demonstrate the stance for the suspect.
-Ask whether they understand.
-Tell the suspect “begin.”

The officer should also remember that the test must last for thirty seconds or longer. The officer is required to keep track of time.

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